How Neighbors Affect One Another = How Neighborhoods Infect One Another

Good 2 Go has always felt that the address printed on our stores may determine our neighborhood … but it's our collective caring and concern that makes us Neighbors! Like any good relationship, we each have a part to play, which directly determines the strength and success of that relationship. Over the past few months, 7.8 BILLION people have validated an aphorism I'm guessing you've personally used: "We're only as strong as our weakest link." Never before has this been truer than the battle we currently fight against COVID-19 today! As true as this may be in Rome Italy, Botswana Africa or Downers Grove Illinois, the important thing to note is it's 100% true right here in our neighborhood. To beat this thing, it's going to take all of us locally. making an extra-ordinary effort to wipe it out … and we’re good 2 go.

As neighbors, we want to let everyone know exactly what we've been, are, and will continue doing to play our part in making our neighborhoods as safe as possible …

We’re grateful to be part of neighborhoods and communities much larger and more important than just ourselves. Like you, we are willing to fight this thing one by one, in each and every neighborhood we proudly call our own. We continue to be hopeful and resolute in standing firm; and although our united front looks to be 6 feet apart … we can honestly say, we've never felt closer!

Your local,
Good 2 Go Store Managers & Employees

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